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Tagore English Institute or TEI was established by Ms Sathi Chakraborty way back in 2003, with a vision to assist young and old aspirants who wish to pursue higher studies abroad or with new job opportunities in international destinations. It was named after Rabindranath Tagore- the visionary Nobel Laureate from Bengal who was also a pioneer of innovative education system in India.
Ms. Sathi Chakraborty was highly influenced by Tagore’s ideologies and zeal to propagate education, and in her small way set up this English Institute at Domlur in Bangalore.
Today TEI is a name to reckon with not only for IELTS and PTE training, but also Spoken and Written Communication, Basic English, Advanced English as well as Business English- all under one roof. We train for enhanced language and interpersonal skills, which empower our students to excel in whatever they pursue in future.
What had started as a very small institute with very limited team members, have now evolved into a cohesive legion of dedicated teachers and staff; who understand the importance of offering a well structured learning programme in English language par excellence. This has contributed immensely to our continued growth and staggering levels of customer satisfaction.

IELTS Training

English has become an international language, and is used by more and more people around the world as a medium of post-school study. To help universities and colleges select students with sufficient English skills to succeed in their courses, the IELTS test was introduced in 1989 to assess candidate’s readiness to study or train in English and is now used world – wide
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PTE Training

PTE Academic assesses all four languages skills – Speaking , Reading , Writing and Listening. The test will last approximately three hours. This includes an untimed introduction to the test and one optional break of up to 10 minutes.
PTE Academic consists of three main parts. You will receive a general introduction to the test and specific instructions about that to expect in each part of the test. Each part may contain a number of sections. Each section is individually times. The table below shows the test structure

Spoken English Training

In today’s cosmopolitan world, English plays a vital role, as it is the most commonly used language which connects different people from different part of the country and world.
English is the global language today. It has widened the scope of opportunities for everybody, whoever speaks English. Knowing this language helps everyone to connect to the larger world everywhere, be it day-to-day conversation, receiving education or working globally.
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Professional Course for International Nursing Recruitment

Attention Nurses!
Step ahead and achieve your goals! NMC CBT Courses @ TEI
Open the world of opportunities, be a Global Nurse!
Improve your academic Writing, Presentation Skills, Research Skills, Critical Thinking, and polish your Grammar and prepare yourself for facing the NMC CBT Exam conducted by the UK

Online Training Courses

Learning English is the key
If it’s success you wish to see!!!
Languages often express and interpret ideas in quite different ways. While feelings tend to be the same regardless of the language we speak, you’ll be amazed to see how different your way of thinking becomes when you switch to a foreign language and start using the same. Come & experience the same at TEI.
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