German Language course

Deutschsprache Institut was started in the year 2005, January in Bangalore in the name of Institute OF Indian & Foreign language with the sole purpose of providing high quality German language training to the ever growing and demanding Indian Education &business sector.

Headed by Prof. Bandana Banerjee, who has 14+ years of experience in the field of German language training & is passionate to help corporate and individual alike to get trained in German language in Bangalore, Kolkata & the other parts of India.

Deutschsprache Institut today offers best training courses in German language. We are recognized and are choice partners for many individuals and corporates


  • Deutschsprache Institute, is a highly-skilled organization providing German language training for people in business, education and research.
  • We consistently monitor needs, progress and changing goals. All the time our training team and back-up staff maintains a professional, responsive and friendly working environment.
  • We are flexible in arranging the training according to the learner’s needs and ability.
German language Crash Course

Duration Timings Batches Course fee
50 Hrs
A-1 level
60 Hrs
A-2 level
60 Hrs
B-1 level
Course will be completed
within 15 days
A1- 15,000/-
A2- 17,000/-
B-1 18,000/-