Sample Question Paper

The bar chart illustrates the amount of profit that SMG entertainment gained in three different countries in 1997 and 2007.

The striking feature of the chart is that the company made its most profit by selling CDs in shops in both the years in Germany. However, sale of CDs plunged to almost half to about 25 million Euros in 2007 from more than 40 million Euros in 1997. The similar trend was also observed in France and Italy for both years. The company did not do any profit through Internet downloads in 1997 but it registered a profit of 5 million Euros in 2007 in the first two countries CDs brought online contributed significantly to the firms gain in 2007 when compared to 1997. In the latter years, it did not gain any benefits through cassettes and Vinyl’s singles and LPs, unlike the former year.

Overall, CDs bought in shops remained the highest profit gainer for the entertainment firm.

Essay writing question

Some people believe that children should listen to and obey their parents. Others believe that children should think and do things on their own. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

Letter writing question

Write a letter to the airport authority about the bag forgotten at the airport. In your letter

– describe the bag and where it was left

– give details of the bag’s contents

– suggest a way for the bag to be returned to you