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In today’s cosmopolitan world, English plays a vital role, as it is the common language which connects different people from various parts of the country and world.
English is the global language today. It has widened the scope of opportunities for everybody, whoever speaks English. Knowing this language helps everyone to connect to the larger world everywhere, be it day-to-day conversation, receiving education or working globally.
Good spoken and written communication not only improves quality of life but also improves confidence of the individual in providing access to all good benefits in life.
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Basic English Training


Learning today…leading tomorrow

English has emerged as the most sought after language for any advanced academic purpose or for securing any job in the foreign shores. So having a proper knowledge of English is perhaps the most important acumen a person can think of acquiring today. The Basic English Course is designed to help the students learn English giving more emphasis on speaking skill.

Target Audience

Unemployed Youth, Job Aspirants, Working Professionals who are not proficient in Spoken English, Students, Peons, Domestic Helps, Securities in Apartments and Retail Chain Stores, Housewives etc.

Enter to learn, leave to achieve

At TEI we are committed to giving you a great and different learning experience with guaranteed results. Our main objective is to make one feel comfortable in understanding, thinking and finally speaking in English fluently with a neutral accent.

Believe in us to help you believe in yourself

At TEI, we first and foremost try to instil that belief in students that communicating in English is no rocket science and it is the practice and approach that matters the most in making one excel in it. Our training modules are comprehensive, cohesive and consist of activity oriented interactive sessions dealing with a lot of Ice Breakers and Tongue Twisters which help the trainees get over their fear and scepticism of speaking fluently in English.

Course Highlights

  • Systemic and Personalized Approach
  • Enhanced Vocabulary
  • Emphasis on Verbal Communication through role play
  • Topic Discussion, Narrating an Experience, Writing a story etc
  • Dialogue Exchange
  • Extempore writing of tests including Practical Sessions, Simple Grammar etc.

Model of Execution

Total Duration : 40 Hours
Course Fee: Rs. 4500
Intermediate Advanced English Course

Learning English is the key…if it’s success you wish to see!

Languages often express and interpret ideas in quite different ways. While feelings tend to be the same regardless of the language we speak, you’ll be amazed to see how different your way of thinking becomes when you switch to a foreign language.

What is Intermediate Advanced English Course?

The intermediate Advanced English course is designed and planned for people who already are conversant with English as a language. This level is lower than the Advance English Course, but higher than Basic English.

Target Audience

An intermediate level student has generally enough knowledge of the language to branch out to more specific English courses, such as Business English or English for Academic purposes . It usually comprises of a mixed group consisting of students, professionals from tier II cities who have problems in speaking in English fluently; business men, entrepreneurs etc- basically the course caters to people who have a basic ability to understand and communicate in English, but need to brush up their expertise to have an effective though not fully perfect use of the same.

Course Curriculum

An Intermediate Advanced English level gives scope for improvement in all areas (grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, etc.) as students can confidently use all the simple tenses and handle many everyday situations like shopping, booking a hotel room, asking for information, etc. Grammatically they have generally covered the main parts of speech and know how to use them. It mainly covers the following spectrums:
  • Improving Sentences
  • Structure Enhancement
  • Vocal Expertise
  • Spoken Skills
  • Dialogue Writing
  • Reading & Explanation of Newspaper Articles, etc
  • Creative Writing


At TEI, we ensure that you have a most fruitful learning experience because along with text books, there are Group Discussions, Interactive Sessions, Debate among the students , Dialogue Writing and Role Playing etc to make the class very interesting and comprehensive as well. These are all full-fledged practical classes run by tutors who are experienced in this field for many years. It comprises of 1 hour of Grammar and 1 hour of Speaking skills.
Duration: 40 hours
Course Fees: 6500/-
Advanced English Training

Business English Syllabus

  • Art of conversation
  • E-mail etiquettes
  • Narration
  • Business Letter
  • Telephone Etiquettes
  • Group discussion
  • Presentation Skills

Crux and Focus of the Course

• To Improve the communication skill in English with proper vocabulary, pronunciation and language function.
• The focus is on reading and understanding, enriching ones stock of words, word building, word family, grammar, pronunciation, conversation, group discussion, dialogue formation.

Target Audience and level of candidates

• People who understand and use English in their day to day life like – Working Professionals in MNC, Business sector, high school teachers and students and also IELTS candidates.
• One who is familiar with the language.

Achievement of Proficiency

• Fluency with good Vocabulary
• Use of proper words
• Interact and communicate in versatile language
• Gain Knowledge in certain English grammar topics towards communication.
• Tenses • Subject Verb Agreement • Modules and Narration or preposition
• Active Voice and Passive Voice and Articles
Combined Course of Advance English
Business English Communication Only for Professionals
Total : 40 hours(2 months)
Course : 7000/-
Timing : Saturday – 5:30 pm to 8:00 pm &
Sunday – 10:00 am to 1:00 pm &
All Courses

English has become an international language, and is used by more and more people around the world as a medium of post-school study.
PTE Academic assesses all four languages skills – listening, reading, speaking and writing. The test will last approximately three hours.
English is the global language today. It has widened the scope of opportunities for everybody, whoever speaks English.
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Its A Vry Good Experience....1St Thing I Like About This Institution That Trainers Are Vry Friendly And Helpful.I Llearned Lots Of English.Now M Capable To Speak In English .Special Thanks To Menaka Mam.

Swati Senapti

At The www.teibangalore.com English Institute We Have Leaders Coaching Us. Vibrant Classes, High Standards Of Learning, Passionate And Outstanding Teachers Are The Words That Describe This Institute. The Teachers Push The Students To Their Maximum Potential And Ensure That They Do The Best. They Are Supportive And Leave No Stone Unturned To Inspire Their Students. It Has Been Amazing To Be A Part Of This Institute That Thrives For Nothing But Excellence

Srishti Kumar
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