How improving your Spoken English can help you ace the IELTS Speaking Test

English has emerged as the most sought after language across the globe not only because it is perhaps the most widely used and accepted medium of communication; but also because it has become the international language of education and business worldwide. The popularity of English can be seen by the voluminous growth in the number of people taking the IELTS, TOEFL and OET tests- the most widely accepted English language proficiency tests around the world. Proficiency in Spoken English and a complete command over the language help learners pursue their dreams of successfully completing the IELTS exam with the required bands to obtain higher education in English, or to acquire a  white-collar job in the English speaking countries worldwide.

Important Points to Ace the IELTS Speaking Module

Points to ponder as how you can improve your Spoken English to ace the IELTS Speaking module:

1. Have passion for the language: If you want to pass the IELTS exam with flying colours, you must have the passion for learning the English language. Do not be apprehensive about your grasp of the language or how fluent you are, if you love the language, you will eventually learn it perfectly.

2. Think in English: This might sound little strange for non-English speaking countries, but actually this goes a long way in helping you ace the Speaking module of IELTS exam. Generally students and examinees have a tendency to think in their mother tongue and then translate into English. This doesn’t help at all as you falter while speaking. So start thinking in English. Your ability to communicate fluently in English will improve in no time.

3. Read loudly : Remember that the examiner in the Speaking Test module of IELTS will try to test how good is your communication skills in English. So to perfect that skill, you should read something in English loudly, record it using any device, and then listen to it to spot the difference and correct the mistakes on your own. You will become a fluent Speaker within a short span of time.

4. Go for topic oriented vocabulary: The examiner for the IELTS Speaking module primarily tries to test your fluency and effectiveness in English communication, and not how many ‘fancy’ words you know in English, or how verbose you are in the language. He/she is also not going to judge how ‘British’ or ‘American’ your accent is. But, if you want to really score high in the Speaking module, do listen and watch various English Talk shows, News, Communicative Skills shows and videos on YouTube,  English debates on specific topics on TV, etc. This will help you improve your diction and vocabulary faster than you can imagine.

5. Speak a lot in English : As your aim is to ‘Become a fluent speaker and score high in the Speaking module of IELTS’, do take help of the available study materials on the internet, download and follow every bit of information that comes along with it. Try to communicate with people who are proficient English speakers, even though you know you are far away from that level of fluency. Once you are able to overcome the initial shyness, you will develop that confidence to speak in no time.

6. Follow a method and be systematic in your learning process: As a prospective candidate who wants to ace the Speaking test, be methodical with learning English. If you are looking at a score in the band of 8.5-9, you have to follow certain steps as shown in the study materials. Fluency, proper pronunciation, grammatical structure and vocabulary improvement will all happen with an expertise in Spoken English.

7. Use the right words and always hunt for synonyms : There are four parts to the IELTS marks scheme – i) Fluency and Coherence ii) Lexical Resource iii) Grammatical Range and Accuracy iv) Pronunciation. You can score very high in all this if you use new words and synonyms in the right way while speaking in English. If required, go for an authentic Spoken English training from an authentic training institute. This will not only increase your understanding of English but also would develop your speaking prowess of English language.

8. Be a reflective learner : Since we are trying to focus on improving your Spoken English to get a near perfect score in IELTS Speaking module, you should always  stress on working with a proper plan. There are many ways to enhance your speaking skills, but the most important thing is to record your practice sessions and honestly evaluate your performances. There are numerous ways to prepare on your own, including online partners for Speaking practice, but your performance in the test can improve hugely if you go for a proper Spoken English coaching and also find an IELTS expert who can help you with your speaking skills.

Thus, it is evident that improving your Spoken English skills go a long way in expanding and enhancing your chances of acing the IELTS Speaking module exam. The golden rule is to identify your weaknesses and take proper remedial measures on improving those limitations.  Consistent effort, seriousness and hard work along with a proper training and guidance from a reputed IELTS and Spoken English training institute can contribute a lot in  making your dream come true.

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