How to improve your Spoken English skills fast

As we realise the importance and value of English as the most widely-used language across the globe for communication purposes, the need to learn and express one’s thoughts in fluent, error-free English also increases manifold times. Practising to speak in English is perhaps one of the most enjoyable and rewarding part of learning English. When you start speaking in English even a little bit, there are ample ways to improve your skills fast and in a fun way, not worrying too much about pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary from the beginning itself!

Having fun while Honing your Spoken English Skills

Here are a few golden tips for honing your Spoken English skills quickly, and also having a great time while you do it.

1. Converse in English as much as possible: This might sound self-explanatory, but actually you need to speak, speak and speak in English. Do not be shy or hesitant, mistakes will definitely happen initially, but the more you talk in English, the more confident you will become in your articulation and grip over the language. It is almost like learning a new sport or learning to play a musical instrument- only practice will make you perfect at it.

2. Read loudly: Make a habit of reading the English newspaper or magazine loudly and vociferously to yourself. In fact, listening to your favourite audio clips, Ted talks, Youtube videos, and repeating them loudly is also a great way to practise and correct your English pronunciation and improve your vocabulary. When you read to yourself, you are not required to worry about the sentence structure or grammar. This will help to improve your spoken English skills to a great extent and over a short period of time.

3. Listen to English news and songs: This might sound a little far-fetched, but listening to news bulletins and songs in English actually help to learn new words and expressions fast. The more you listen, the more your confidence to speak in English increases, as you understand which words in a sentence are stressed upon and how synonyms are used for the same word to avoid repetition.

4. Take the help of technology: Nowadays, almost everyone uses a smartphone, and this can be a powerful tool for betterment of your spoken English skills. Use the phone to record yourself speaking in English, and then listen to it to gauge how it sounds to other people. Make a note of the new words you learn, and store them in popular English Speaking apps that you can download on your phone. Your expertise in Spoken English will increase in no time.

5. Participate in English debates and discussions: This is another conventional way to improve your English proficiency, but it is indeed a sure shot one. Debate in English on all the topics that interest you with friends and colleagues; have healthy discussions, try to use as many different words, expressions, figure of speech etc, to drive home your point. Listen to other arguments carefully too to pick up new words, and also to refute them later. This will hugely improve your prowess and competency in conversing in English quite fast.

6. Use a dictionary: Make use of dictionaries to improve your language skills…use Thesaurus to know the origin of the word and how the usage has changed over the years. Online dictionaries often use audio examples so that you can verify your diction, delivery and use of a particular word. This becomes a huge help in making a quick progress of your spoken English skills.

If you are still not confident enough, join Tagore Institute for Spoken English classes. Our main objective is to make one feel comfortable in understanding, thinking, and finally speaking in fluent English through regular classroom and online training. We have been successfully doing it for many years now by instilling the belief in our students that communicating in English becomes a cakewalk if you can have the right approach and practice to make oneself excel in the language.

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