prepare yourself for PTE Writing test

How to prepare yourself for PTE Writing test

PTE Writing is one of the most crucial parts of the PTE Academic test.  One needs to understand and familiarize oneself with the test format to improve one’s score and obtain a better result. The PTE Academic test has three main sections :

  • Speaking and Writing
  • Listening
  • Reading

How to get a high score in PTE Writing Test

If you want to score really high, you should also keep in mind the following points:

  1. Quantity– The test consists of how many parts and total number of questions to be attempted.
  2. Timing and Length– How much time is allowed for each question and the total duration of the test.
  3. Types of questions– What are the various types of questions which are to be addressed and whether there are any repetitive question pattern.
  4. Instructions- How each question should be handled and how are the responses recorded.
  5. Layout– As PTE Academic is a completely online test, you should also notice carefully how each question is presented on screen.

In PTE Academic, Writing section is clubbed with Speaking, unlike the IELTS exam. The checking is done entirely by computer, and there are various parameters on the basis of which the scores are given. Some are based on correctness alone, while others are based on correctness, formal aspects and the quality of response. Formal aspects refer to the form of response; for example whether it is over or under the word limit for a particular question type. The quality of the response is represented in the enabling skills which are again used to rate performance in the productive skills of  Writing and Speaking.

The chart given below can help you to prepare for PTE Writing in a comprehensive manner.

Question type Scoring Communicative skills Enabling skills and
other traits scored
Summarize written text Partial credit Reading and writing Grammar, Vocabulary, Content, Form Check the content and length of the summary.
Write essay Partial credit Writing Grammar, Vocabulary, Spelling, Written discourse, content development, structure and coherence Plan, draft, check and finalize

Managing your time wisely to prepare for this test takes dedication, efficient time management and even sacrifice. So  you can understand that cracking the PTE Academic test with a good, competitive score is not an easy thing. It requires a lot of hard work, patience, perseverance and most importantly,  practice. You have to prepare for PTE Writing test by giving it a priority and taking out a specific time each day to study for it.

You have to also understand that preparing for the Writing test as well as the entire PTE Academic is a continuous process and since it is a fully online test, you have to work towards your goal of achieving a good score in a persistent and focussed manner. Improving your English language skills do not happen overnight and one try will not be able to guarantee the desired result. The methods and strategies for taking the test are quite complex, and so you have to keep practicing and reviewing your mock test assignments online.

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