IELTS Listening Test Changes in 2020

IELTS Listening Test Changes in 2020

IELTS exam has introduced few minor changes in the Listening module from January this year. These are not major changes, but it is important to be aware of them. They are as follows:

Changes you need to Aware of in IELTS Listening Module

There will be no example played in Part I: Usually there would be an example or a sample answer for the candidate to listen to at the start of the recording. This helped the candidate to get used to the accent and also check the volume if he/she was using headphones. However, this example has been removed now with effect from 4th of January, 2020. This one is likely to have the greatest impact on the students or aspiring candidates, as this was almost like a sample recording or Prompt before they began actual Part I of the test. By incorporating this change, the candidate now needs to be ready for Part I immediately after hearing the Listening test instructions.

There will be no page number references :  This is another change that has been suggested in the Listening module. Previously, the candidates have been given page number as reference in the question sets. Now this has been eradicated. However, there will still be references to the question number. This is again a minor change for the students, however it might affect one line in the instructions when a set of Prompts cover more than one page. Let us try to explain this further–

Old Format: Look at questions 1-6 on Page 4.

New Format: Look at questions 1-6.

The reference to page number has been stopped.

The word ‘Section’ will now be changed to ‘Parts’:  The paper based test will now be divided into Part 1, 2, 3 and 4. This is a miniscule change, but the candidate should be aware of this and it is always good to know about the change beforehand. This way the candidate will be less hassled and flustered, if he/she knows about the changes before sitting for the actual exam.

There are no changes to the IELTS Reading, Writing, or Speaking module tests. One more thing that needs to be mentioned is that, in the paper based IELTS test, when you attempt the Listening module, you have 10 minutes at the end of the test to transfer your answer from the question paper to the answer sheet. However, in the Computer based test this does not happen. You have to type your answers directly into the computer and at the end of the test you will only get 2 minutes to check your answers. This is not a new phenomenon. It was there from earlier times only.

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