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English has become an international language, and is used by more and more people around the world as a medium of post-school study. To help universities and colleges select students with sufficient English skills to succeed in their courses, the IELTS test was introduced in 1989 to assess candidate’s readiness to study or train in English and is now used world – wide.

IELTS Online Training

IELTS, the International English Language Testing System, is designed to assess the language ability of candidates who need to study or work where English is the language of communication. IELTS conforms to the highest International Standards of Language assessment. PTE or Pearson Test of English is the English test most trusted by universities, colleges and governments across the globe. Tagore English Institute or TEI has already established themselves as one of the most preferred IELTS and PTE training providers in Bangalore as well as Karnataka for the past 16 years. Now we have started exclusive online training of the same for people who work at odd hours and do not have time to attend regular classroom sessions; or simply want a tailor made course without actually having to sit in class!

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Importance of Online IELTS Preparation

  • Online practice makes you perfect as you have the chance to practice repeatedly according to your own convenience.
  • Through online Mock tests you can get to know about exam format.
  • You can experience hundreds of questions asked previously.
  • Also you can check your scores.
  • You can focus more on lacking modules and can practice more on it.
  • Online practice test helps to maintain exam time sense.
  • You can take the test from anywhere and anytime.
online coaching for ielts preparation

Why choose TEI IELTS Online:

  • We provide one on one teaching set up – Favorable for those students who feel awkward in having discussions in large groups.
  • Have real time comments and Feedback-Students get advice and comments from their instructors right away.
  • Use updated review material – Make use of new materials and practice tests to ensure the efficiency of the review.
  • Flexible class schedules – Students are given the freedom to choose class schedules depending on their availability.
  • Excellent coaching – Top notch online training at your convenience.
  • Complete interactive sessions- Our experienced trainers make use of various multi-media tools, technology and proprietary training materials to deliver the best in its class online about IELTS and PTE training.

IELTS Online – Only for International students

Duration- 25 hours

Fees – Rs. 12000/- per month

Fees – $ 200/- per month

SPOKEN ENGLISH Online Training

We provide various workforce training programs aimed at the learning and development of employees. We offer a wide range of training solutions like Campus-to-corporate transition, Business communication, Presentation skills, Leadership skills, etc. Our training experts are committed to delivering effective training solutions to suit your organizational needs.

Intermediate Advanced English Course

Learning English is the key…if it’s success you wish to see!!!

Languages often express and interpret ideas in quite different ways. While feelings tend to be the same regardless of the language we speak, you’ll be amazed to see how different your way of thinking becomes when you switch to a foreign language.

What is Intermediate Advanced English Course?

The intermediate Advanced English course is designed and planned for people who already are conversant with English as a language. This level is lower than the Advance English Course, but higher than Basic English.

online training for spoken english

Target Audience

An intermediate level student has generally enough knowledge of the language to branch out to more specific English courses, such as Business English‏‎ or English for Academic Purposes‏‎. It usually comprises of a mixed group consisting of Students, Professionals from Tier II cities who have problems in speaking in English fluently; business men, entrepreneurs etc- basically the course caters to people who have a basic ability to understand and communicate in English, but need to brush up their expertise to have an effective though not fully perfect use of the same.

Course Curriculum

An Intermediate Advanced English level gives scope for improvement in all areas (grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, etc.) as students can confidently use all the simple tenses and handle many everyday situations like shopping, booking a hotel room, asking for information, etc. Grammatically they have generally covered the main parts of speech‏‎ and know how to use them. It mainly covers the following spectrums:

  • Improving Sentences
  • Structure Enhancement
  • Vocal Expertise
  • Spoken Skills
  • Dialogue Writing
  • Reading & Explanation of Newspaper Articles, etc
  • Creative Writing


At TEI, we ensure that you have a most fruitful learning experience because along with text books, there are Group Discussions, Interactive Sessions, Debate among the students , Dialogue Writing and Role Playing etc to make the class very interesting and comprehensive as well. These are all full-fledged practical classes run by tutors who are experienced in this field for many years. It comprises of 1 hour of Grammar and 1 hour of Speaking skills.

Duration: 25 hours in one month to six weeks, 6 hours per week.

Course Fees: 12000/

Individual online class through skype or webex.

All Courses

Training for ielts test

English has become an international language, and is used by more and more people around the world as a medium of post-school study.

pearson test of english academic preparatory course

PTE Academic assesses all four languages skills – listening, reading, speaking and writing. The test will last approximately three hours.

spoken english training

English is the global language today. It has widened the scope of opportunities for everybody, whoever speaks English.

Professional Course for International Nursing Recruitment

Attention Nurses!
Step ahead and achieve your goals! NMC CBT Courses @ TEI
Open the world of opportunities, be a Global Nurse!

Shinta Komalarajan

I would like to thank you for providing me an opportunity to study under Tagore English Institute. The mode i selected was online and though with a good effort and dedication I was being taught by Sathi mam and Soma mam in accordance with my time schedule. It was quiet charming for my lecturers to teach me late at nights. I am so grateful to their hardship and trust they had upon me. Initially I was unaware of the basics of IELTS but these tutors made me to tackle these difficulties in the most simplest manner. Finally I had obtained a band score of 6.5 overall in academic module with a 10 days coaching. I am so grateful to my tutors and Tagore English Institute.

Shinta Komalarajan
Shinta Komalarajan

In My View www.teibangalore.com English Institute Is One Of The Sophisticated Institutes,Where You Will Get To Explore Your Talent And Capabilities And Enhance Your Linguistic Abilities.The Staff Here Give A Vast Amount Of Training In All Modules,Making Sure To Identify Our Wrong Doings And Give Suitable Training To Succeed In The Tests.Overall The Time Which We Spend Here Is Really Worth It And I Wish Them All Success To Become A Pioneer In Coaching In The Near Future.


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