What are the different options available after clearing the PTE Exam

The Pearson Test of English (PTE) is a renowned English language proficiency test that is acknowledged globally, and has to be cleared with a high score if you are aspiring to study or work abroad. Within a short span of time, PTE exam has become one of the most authentic and perfect way of analyzing the language skill of the aspirants, especially for those who want to immigrate to Australia, New Zealand or Ireland. However, you must be wondering, what are the viable options open for you once you clear the exam with the desired score band. Read to have a clear idea about the choices or paths available for you.

1. Preferred for Visa Approval and Immigration in various countries.

Unlike IELTS, PTE is a computer based exam which is conducted online. For this, it is regarded by many countries as the most reliable and genuine measurement of your English language skills. As stated above, this test is the preferred English proficiency test for Australia, New Zealand and Ireland, but a certain percentage of the scores are accepted in many big universities abroad in United Kingdom, United States and some parts of Canada as well. PTE is the favoured exam for getting faster approval of your visa applications for higher studies and job opportunities in foreign shores, if you are able to crack the test with the desired score band!

2. You can apply in several countries for higher studies quickly, with no wastage of time.

The PTE examination sends the score card within five working days. As assessment are fully made online, you not only receive the results quickly, but also not waste any time applying for your desired course of studies in reputed, global universities. So, there is no time lapse in between.

3. Seamless access to numerous organizations worldwide, almost more than 6000.

The PTE scores are one of the most widely accepted scores for testing your English proficiency skills all over the world. According to a survey, the scores are accepted in more than 6000 organizations across the globe. These include almost all the major educational institutes, immigration agencies, top notch universities, colleges, offices and business agencies in countries like Australia, New Zealand and Ireland. USA, UK and Canada have partial acceptance of the scores in their universities.

4. Preferred English language proficiency test for worldwide MBA programs.

If you have the desire to study abroad or get a job of your dreams at foreign shores, you have to clear these language proficiency tests like TOEFL, IELTS and PTE with the required band of score. However, according to a recent survey, it has been found that PTE scores are given more value and weight than any other proficiency exam for management studies programs in almost all the famous universities across the globe. So, you can get speedy admission in your desired management study program too after clearing the PTE exam successfully.

5. PTE is slowly emerging as the most preferred online English Language expertise test.

PTE Academic is already accepted for study applications by thousands of academic programs around the world, including the esteemed universities like Harvard, Stanford in UK and Imperial College, London. In the continents of Australia, New- Zealand and Ireland, PTE Academic is accepted by all universities and educational institutes. In many destinations of US, Canada, UK, Singapore and Europe, the popularity of PTE is steadily increasing, and this year it has been recognised from more than 30 new educational programmes in North America.

It is thus evident that there are numerous options available both for studying as well as job opportunities across the globe once you have cleared the PTE exam with the targeted band score. As students you develop interest in new cultures, become independent, discover new career opportunities and improve your language skills. Similarly as immigrants, working in another country provides new career opportunities and skill development, as well as build language proficiency and professional networks. So, go for it.

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