What is the importance of taking IELTS with IDP

English has emerged as the most important and effective mode of communication today, as more and more people across the globe have adapted it as the medium of education across colleges and universities. The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is a complete and all-inclusive test that measures a person’s expertise and proficiency over the language, if he or she desires to study or work in a country which uses it as the language of communication. There is lot of debate as to which is best for taking the IELTS test- British Council or IDP, and students tend to get confused about which one to opt for.
Let us make it very clear at the onset that there is no difference between the exams whether you take it at either of these two. Both British Council and IDP are part owners of IELTS along with Cambridge English language assessment. Even the marking and the way the exam papers are checked are also similar, because the trainers from both follow identical guidelines from Cambridge. However, there are certainly many benefits for taking the IELTS exam from IDP. They are as follows:

IELTS Exam from IDP Benefits

1. The language assessment is accurate, authentic and bonafide

IDP is an acclaimed co-owner of IELTS examination which is recognised and accepted by more than 10,000 establishments globally. The English language assessment test conforms to the highest international standards, and with IDP you can choose your own exam date as well as the session with the computer delivered test pattern.

2. Most convenient test locations

According to a recent survey, 3 million IELTS tests were taken across the world in 2017, and the numbers are only increasing with each passing year. IDP’s IELTS network covers more than 450 test centres across 55 countries. In fact, IDP has over 50 test centres for IELTS in India itself. So you can write the exam at your convenience at any centre near you.

3. Quicker results assured

This is another major advantage of taking IELTS with IDP. Now you can get quicker results in 5-7 days with IDP’s computer delivered IELTS. Usually the test results are available on the official IELTS website within 13 days of taking the exam. The Speaking test stays face to face with both the test formats ( paper or online) with a certified IELTS examiner. But the results are available faster now with the computer delivered test.

4. Do whatever your heart desires

IELTS is regarded as the most authentic measure of your English proficiency worldwide, and you can study, work or immigrate with the IELTS exam of your choice. IELTS is available in two test formats – Academic and General Training – and provides a valid and accurate assessment of the four language skills: listening, reading, writing and speaking. Students have to appear for Academic modules whereas migration aspirants should take the General training of IELTS as a pre-requisite for visa approval. Free test tips and support is available on IELTS exams on IDP India’s Youtube Channel, which is a great help for aspiring candidates.

5. Assuring the best of support services with IDP

Another importance of taking IELTS with IDP is that they have an excellent team of qualified and experienced representatives who are always there to address any of the queries of the students or the examinees. They provide outstanding support to ensure that you have the best possible experience while taking the test through them.

6. Ample scope for improvement with IDP’s own preparation materials

IDP provides their own free IELTS study material which is always upgraded with the latest inputs directly from Cambridge. All lessons are supported with video presentations, practice exercises and full feedback, and will help you build all the skills you need to get the IELTS score you’re aiming for. You can follow IELTS IDP India’s Facebook page for useful updates.

7. The language assessment proficiency level remains same

IELTS is regarded as the number 1 English language proficiency test in UK. In fact, over 3000 U.S. institutions also accept IELTS. You can edit your answers while taking IDP’s computer delivered IELTS. This test is neither easier, nor difficult, the level remains the same. Another benefit is that as a prospective candidate, you can register with IDP to access IELTS Master – a free 30 day IELTS preparation course.

8. Paper based or paper less test- your choice

IDP’s computer delivered IELTS test is offered at various places which include new custom- built test locations. All the test centres are fully equipped where you can take the test easily and at your convenience on a desktop. You can even keep a timer to check your speed and efficiency while taking the computer delivered test. Whether you want to give a paper- based test or a computer delivered one- you are free to decide. With IDP India you can choose how you want to take your IELTS test.

Tagore Institute conducts the training for IELTS exam with IDP, and all our teachers and mentors are Cambridge certified trainers. We make sure that you take lots of mock tests and exercises based on the topics you finish in one module before you move to the next one. This helps you to identify, assimilate and improve your skills before taking the actual test from IDP.

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